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Cavibloc is part of the HealthyGrid family of products and services. 

We are a small team based in Portland, OR with services including: 


Our Loloz lozenges and lollipops employ Cavibloc. Cavibloc works by providing antibacterial defense against the most common bacterial causes of tooth decay. By using our Loloz product line regularly, you'll see a gradual decrease in the population of decay-causing bacteria that attack your teeth.

Learn more about Loloz at www.loloz.com

HealthyGrid Xylitol

Our all-natural candies are a terrific alternative to decay-causing sugar candies. 

Indulging in a sweet treat doesn't have to mean you're harming your body. Our xylitol candies aren't just "better" than sugar candies because they avoid decay; regular use of xylitol-based products can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Learn more about HealthyGrid Xylitol at www.Healthygrid.com/xylitol

Dental Optimizer

Dentaloptimizer.com is a web portal created with your oral health in mind. We strive to provide great information and tools related to your oral health. We know your dental health is important to you. Dental Optimizer connects you with the best dentists in a way that facilitates long-term relationships focused on keeping you healthy. Learn more about Dental Optimizer at www.dentaloptimizer.com/about 

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