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Cavibloc prevents the formation of cavity-causing bacteria for up to six months.

Dental and health professionals have long tried to introduce an easy, effective way for adults and kids to support dental health and prevent dental problems before they start. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things tend to work in the real world.

It’s true. In a recent poll, 74% of the respondents said they see their dentists only when there's a problem with their oral health. In other words: patients are getting to their dentists too late. Using preventative products with Cavibloc can be an effective win-win solution – a painless remedy for patients and a profitable product distribution opportunity for you.

This remarkable ingredient not only kills the bacteria that can lead to dental cavities, it actually prevents them from forming for 3 to 6 months.

Studies have shown that all-natural Cavibloc kills the bacteria that lead to decay and cavities while keeping healthy, probiotic bacteria active for optimal oral health.

And there's no tedious routine – so your patients are much more likely to comply.

Independent experts confirm that Cavibloc prevents the formation of bacteria that causes tooth decay. A University of Toronto study found that the main bacterial culprits in cavity production decreased in patients using Cavibloc products.

A protocol for prevention.

Cavibloc is clinically tested to reduce the incidence of tooth decay when part of regular dental care. The benefits of Cavibloc last for 3 months.

A smart investment for you.

By distributing Cavibloc products, you don't have to lose money to ensure superior health for your patients. Choose to either sell products to your members, or subsidize the cost to patients. Before long, you’ll see the return in terms of claims savings. In effect, every Cavibloc product your members receive can help reduce the cost of future claims.

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Treat your patients well.

Contact us now to secure a discount on Cavibloc products for your patients. Or place a bulk order at wholesale prices to resell or hand out as a strong preventive treatment for patients' oral health. 

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