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Cavibloc is a smart way to provide more cost-effective value.

As an ingredient that can contribute towards healthier oral hygiene – and thus save on claim costs – Cavibloc can provide a real “win/win.” Simply by providing Cavibloc infused lollipops to members, you're helping to prevent decay -- and the costs of untreated decay -- for months at a time.

A smart and sure investment.

Carriers may choose to either sell Cavibloc products to their members or subsidize the cost to patients. In addition to qualifying for special wholesale pricing, they can also lock down the rights to become the exclusive distributor within the states where they do business.

Before long, you’ll see the return in terms of claims savings. In effect, every Cavibloc product your members receive can help reduce the cost of future claims.

The best way to deal with dental problems is to prevent them.

When it comes to oral health, many people wait for dental problems to begin – and the damage to be done – before they visit their dentists. And it’s the reason why 94% of adults and more than half of our children have problems with their teeth and gums.  

In addition to the ever-increasing treatment costs, over 164 million hours of work are lost by employed adults every year due to poor oral health. But now there is a cost-effective, and quite tasty, remedy . . . Cavibloc.

Cavibloc is safe, effective, and 100% natural.
It supports overall dental health, freshens breath
and tastes delicious, too!

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