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Tooth Decay is Running Scared From Loloz with Cavibloc.

Loloz lollipops and lozenges will reduce pain and expense while extending the life of your teeth.

Teeth rejoice and bacteria beware as cavity fighting lollipops plant their flag of oral health. Of course this sounds too good to be true but the results are clear: these lollipops can save your teeth. Dr. Wenyuan Shi is the chairman of the Oral Biology Section of the School of Dentistry at UCLA and a native of China. 

He sought to combine herbal remedies of his home with a contemporary American snack to make cavity fighting easier for people of all ages. 

After conducting 50,000 trials with over 1000 herbs he concluded that powdered licorice extract in sugar-free lollipops would be the optimal vehicle. The Dental Optimizer will make it easier for you to fight tooth decay with this tasty treat.

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